Here you will find the most commonly asked questions, answered in detail by our resident gemological director and staff. Please feel free to ask us any further questions you may have regarding our gemological laboratory's services, fees and limitations. You may send us inquiries or messages via our official facebook page's messaging portal.

Do your gemologists certify diamonds or provide diamond certificates?

Similar to most international laboratories, our professionally qualified gemologists provide detailed reports about your diamond. We include information about the stone's Color, Clarity and Cut grading, as well as measure and record the gem's carat weight on the report. Intensity of fluorescence and the presence of treatments or enhancements, are also dutifully noted for complete and transparent ethical disclosure. It is universally accepted (and common) for buyers to term gemological reports as certificates, no matter which market sector you thrive in. Gemological reports and certificates are interchangeable terms frequently used to refer to documentation about a certain gemstone or piece of jewelry.

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Can I watch as you examine my diamonds or jewelry?

Of course. We promote 100% ethical transparency and educational sharing when it comes to the public's knowledge about gemology and the jewelry industry. Feel free to ask our gemologists anything related to your item, the trade, or gemstones in general. We will always be happy to accomodate your inquiries and feed your curiosity. Your item will be examined directly in front of you, with all tests conducted in your presence, so that you can feel safe and comfortable with the handling of your diamond, gemstone or jewelry.

Are your gemologists based in the Philippines?

Yes. Gemcamp Laboratories is solely based in the 2nd floor, 88, Capitol Hills Dr., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Clients who avail of our services will be met with accomodating expertise from our Philippine gemological team, led by GIA graduate gemologist Kylo Chua, who is also a recipient of the international educational scholarship grant bestowed by the Gemological Institute of America.

How long does it take to have a report / certificate made for my diamond or jewelry?

We convery grading and/or identification results to you in two different ways. The first is verbally, which is significantly less costly in terms of laboratory fees. We launched this service so that we could help people to gain knowledge about their gemstones and jewelry, hopefully to avoid scams, fraudulent activity or generally being cheated by others. Our primary objective is to help buyers learn.

Each gemstone or diamond can take anywhere from 7 to 40 minutes to identify and grade if applicable. For verbal delivery of results, we give the data to you on the spot, so there would be no need for waiting. In the case of printed report generation, your item will be returned to you right after the examination, and you would have to return to the laboratory in approximately 2 to 3 days for the pick-up of your gemological reports.

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What are synthetic, cultured or lab-grown diamonds?

These terms refer to a man made material that has the same essential chemical composition and atomic chemistry as natural diamond, but is manufactured using controlled processes that mimic the earth's own heat and pressure conditions for diamond formation. Lab-grown diamonds do not cost as much as their natural counterparts, and as technology improves, they may only become more commonplace in the jewelry public sectors. Differentiating them should be done by a fully equipped gemological facility, to be certain of identity.

Can you tell the difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds?

Yes, we can detect and separate these products from natural diamonds. It should be noted that lab created diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds or cultured diamonds, are near impossible to detect with the naked eye alone. At the gem laboratory however, our professionally trained gemologists have extensive access to some of the newest and most advanced spectroscopic and UV photoluminescence equipment. We combine field knowledge with software pioneered by the world's leading institutes to accurately provide informative data on the identity of your diamond or gemstone.

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Are lab created diamonds worth anything?

From our research trips to various international jewelry trade fairs, we have found that CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) synthetic diamonds often cost about 60% cheaper than their natural counterparts at the loose-stone dealer's level. Retail markups and jewelry manufacturing costs would evidently add more to its asking price, but generally this is the data we've been able to observe.

What gemological instruments do you use at your laboratory?

The range of equipment utilized by our gemologist will vary specifically to the case of each item. Our laboratory maintains a full suite of scientific instruments precisely designed for the identification and grading of gemstones and diamonds. From lab necessities like the gem refractometer and polariscope, to advanced spectroscopic analyzers and software pairings, Gemcamp keeps up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies used in the trade.

Do you accept walk-in clients or are appointments recommended?

While we strive to accommodate anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about their gemstones, due to existing schedules we would have to ask you to set an appointment with us via our facebook messaging channel. Our gemologists are not always able to meet with walk-in clientele due to pre-existing appointments already set days or even weeks in advance.

To fastforward your appointment setting, please use a send pictures of your item along with your message or inquiry. Our staff will also normally ask you for other details about the item or its respective images. Please bring a valid photo-ID as well for the lobby reception when you do visit our laboratory, so as to comply with our building's standard protocol.

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Do you store gemstones or jewelry items on the premises?

No. We do not store any diamonds gemstones or jewelry accessories at the laboratory. Every item is examined in the presence of its owner, and is dutifully returned right away after the examination occurs.

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