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Our facility is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Special alternative schedule requests may also be accommodated provided at least 3 days of lead time.

88 Capitol Hills Drive, QC 
Please use our facebook messaging system for your inquiries and appointment schedules as we are undergoing gradual changes in our current database information systems. Thank you and have a great day.
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Whether online or offline, we are here to support you in knowing more about your precious gemstones and jewellery.

Here at the Heart of the Philippines

Our laboratory is situated conveniently in Quezon City, beside Celebrity Sports Plaza. The area features a nearby private golf club, restaurants, and several banks for your ease of convenience. We are just a few minutes away from Katipunan Avenue main street, which is a central district for university-level education here in the Philippines.

Friendly Hospitality & Reception

Every gemologist and staff member on the premises is available for your personal consultation on anything related to jewellery, gemstones or the industry trends. We always make sure that you find the proper answer to any question that you may have, so please feel free to ask us anything regarding your item(s).

Your Knowledge is Our Priority

We will never buy from or sell you gemstones when you come for a visit to the laboratory. Our service is strictly to help you in scientifically discerning more about your gemstone. (We do however, permit our employees, directors and participants to engage in jewelry trade activities outside of their Gemcamp duties and endeavors.)

A Gemology student holding up her diamond with a pair of gem-tweezers for gemological examination in our Philippine Lab

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Here at the Gemcamp Laboratory, feel free to ask and chat with us about anything diamond-related. Whether you would like to know more about the current trade events or possibly compare the grading differences between foreign laboratories, our friendly gemologists are always happy to help you learn and grow as a true diamond connoisseur.

Mining gems shown by Philippine Gem Lab during an educational presentation

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Send us a message on facebook and a representative from Gemcamp Laboratories will contact you soon.

We can procure weekend appointments if provided with a three-day lead time. Please visit our FAQ Corner for any additional information