The Diamond Report


Our strict step-by-step procedures for grading your diamond follows the techniques and professional standards taught to graduate gemologists by the Gemological Institute of America, thereby achieving the most accurate level of analysis available.

Gems are tested by our Philippine-based GIA graduate gemologists.

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The Gemstone Report


From hue color charting to saturation level grading, and species verification to treatment evaluation, Gemcamp's coloured stone reporting process gives you a personalised look into your precious gems and their value in the modern marketplace.

Every stone is carefully evaluated for quality and identity.

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Why Choose the Gemcamp Laboratory?

Identification based on
chemistry, optics & geology
Grades based on worldwide
international standards
Top-notch gemological
support team 24 / 7
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Evaluating Your Property

Gems are the world's most portable storages of wealth

Gemstones are some of the world's most beloved treasures that can often increase in worth value over long periods of time.

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Plan a Possible Purchase

Gem consultations may help you decide on a purchase 

While we will not buy or sell your gemstones, we can grade and identify any gem you might be planning to buy from your own source contacts.

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Understand Value & Rarity

Evaluation and Analysis of Gemstone Quality

We can help you identify the special qualities and traits of your gemstone that inherently determine its current value in the trade. 

Ready to get started? We're ready to help. Let's have a look at your gemstone. 
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Professional Treatment Evaluation

Some gems are routinely heated in the trade, such as ruby and sapphire. Others might also undergo similar or different post-mining processes that enhance its beauty.

Ask About Treatments  
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Gem Report and Industry Trends

Get an up-to-date, professional opinion on the current trade standing of your specific gemstones. Inquire for differences between wholesale and retail environments. 

Inquire About Gem Valuation  
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Gemstone Research & Analysis

Immerse yourself into the world of gemstones by talking to our GIA graduate gemologists about the jewellery market and worldwide gemstone discoveries.

Become a Gem Connoisseur  

Worldwide Standards


The accurate and proper disclosure of your gemstones is our business. Every individual assessment is made using up-to-date modern equipment, as well as a scientific knowledge base concretely backed by decades of formal academic research.

Schedule a professional gemstone consultation today.

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Graduate Gemologists


At our laboratory, your gemstone will be in the care and expertise of professional gemologists who have each graduated from the Gemological Institute of America.

Have a gemstone report personally made.

Start a session today. Have a visit to our Gem Lab in Capitol Hills.

Expert Gem Care + Knowledge

You can expect our laboratory gemologists to provide exceptional
support and knowledge about your specific gemstone article. 

Proper care, cleaning and storage of gemstones are among the topics that may be covered in your professional consultation, especially for gems that are found to be enhanced with various treatment processes.
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About Our Gemological Laboratory

Global experience meets with national vision.

We strive to professionalize the Philippine jewellery trade, incorporating practices and methodologies used by the most modern international laboratories from the U.S., Great Britain and Hong Kong.

Kindly contact us if you would like to be a part of our gemological mission.

Get involved with us.
5d Open Weekdays
9+ Reporting Types
12 Credentials & Diplomas
160 Familiarized Gemstones
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Want to Know More About Your Gems?

Send us a message on facebook and a representative from Gemcamp Laboratories will contact you soon.

We can procure weekend appointments if provided with a three-day lead time.